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Joe Nolting

Ah, Chuck, say it ain't so! You are one tough hombre! Yes, I'll be ponying up the full pledge amount and even a few extra dollars—maybe $30 per cracked rib. Have a speedy and full recovery. Joe

Mauri Ingram

Chuck! The most important part of the story is that you are battered and slightly broken and not worse. You are a hero from head to hematoma to toe. Thank you and safe travels onward via Rialta.


Oh no! So sorry for this unfortunate ending to your epic adventure, Chuck. I've been enjoying your posts and Dee's updates. Figured it was time to tell you that. You certainly did an incredible job... man, someone should be responsible for dogs like that. So lousy for you to have dealt with! All the best as the two of you finish by car. I'm sure you'll make the most of that too!

Joan Airoldi

You have my full donation, deepest respect and overwhelming thanks for not doing anything more drastic on this incredible ride. Dogs on the road shouldn't be.

Binc Foundation

Chuck, We are happy that your injuries are not more severe and that time will heal all your road wounds. We cannot thank you enough for all you have done to help spread the word about the Binc Foundation and we know the other two charities are equally grateful. Your adventure has been memorable and productive and you have our unending respect and thanks.
Pam, Penny and Kit from Binc

Bob Miller

Chuck, so sorry to hear this!!! But you went down swinging, and you have my undying respect. Here's to a speedy recovery...and of course, pls charge me the full donation! Best, Bob

Anne Kubek

So sorry to hear of your accident and hope you heal quickly. Thanks for your support of Binc and the other charities. You have my full donation. Tons of respect for your efforts and thanks for the entertaining blog posts and fantastic photos!
Anne K

Nick Johnson

Chuck, I am so sorry to hear that! I've had my fair share of run in's with snarling dogs and it never ends well. I'm glad you not drooling and talking non-sense. Best of luck! Nick

Joe Meche

Dogs!! Don't get me started.
Happy to hear you're bouncing back....we all knew you would. Still a hero in my book and after all, we know each other through books!
Take care and enjoy the rest of the journey, you crazy kids!

*Nice photos, BTW.


Jerry DeBacker

Not going to say I had a premonition about NoDak but... Get feeling better, you'll have a couple extra hours now and with your new 'look' you should head to the bike rally in Sturgis! Or perhaps an afternoon at the House of Yesterday in Hastings- enjoy the trip!

Julie Isgrigg

Oh, I'm so sorry this had to happen. I've been cheering you on. Here's to hoping your injuries heal quickly and without incident. I'm glad they weren't more severe so as to prevent you from reaching your destination, even if it will be by a different mode of transportation. Best wishes!


Chuck, sorry for the spill and breaks, but glad you are still among the living and joking. Feel free to continue your blog, as we have found it most fun to travel along with you and Dee without leaving the coolishness (how's that for a summer word?) of our house. Even tho you didn't meet your final destination, you have still had an amazing ride and we're proud of you. You are the closest we are gonna get to a bike ride in what's left of this life time. Also Kudos to you Dee, and I hope you get to continue your reading list. Our love to you both, Pam & Phil

Margie Kimberley

Doggone it :)!!! So glad you were well helmeted.
Full pledge for sure. So proud of your venture. Enjoy
all that lies ahead.

Colleen Wolfisberg

Well I, for one, want to take out the damn dogs. Or take on their owners. Or....something! You may be willing & able to roll with the punches, but can I be an angry supporter on your behalf? ;-) I'm just so bummed out for you, Chuck! And yet, so impressed by what you've accomplished. Seriously can not believe you took this on! The ride in itself, at any age, was no small thing ~ and to turn it into a means of financially buoying others is the icing on the cake. You went & continue to go above & beyond. ("We're not worthy! Not worthy!")

My own summer falls somewhere between a bore & a challenge, and hopes of a western states road trip with some of my guys had to go by the wayside. Following your blog was my voyeuristic traveling with Charley. So do a girl a favor & keep it up. The read & the views are a great nightcap.

Grateful you're safe and (relatively) sound. Truly. Now about those dogs: let me at 'em!

Colleen Henehan

Chuck, I hope you are on the mend very soon. (So, now you and T.J. are in the same boat...kinda.)

I agree with my namesake above, please keep up the blog for us armchair travelers.

Steven Harper

Chuck, I was saddened to hear about the dogs taking you down and ending your wonderful trip and sorry that it had to end this way. However, I am glad that you are okay, although broken and cracked ribs make sleeping difficult. Thanks for sharing your adventures on the road and I have enjoyed the description of the journey.

Deck Deckert

Sorry to hear of your fall and serious painful injuries. (I fell from an airplane with far less trauma.) I hope your recovery is swift. You're one tough fellow! Deck


I am really really sorry to hear of your injuries and subsequent bike ending of your ride - those dogs should have only access to the owners' property - I worked for a bookstore for five and one half years via bicycle at times to and from and only once was I chased by a neighbors' beagle....best of luck in raising much much more money to support the bookstore.....

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