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Rich Fisher

What a nice way to get to Illinois. Have you considered a side trip to South Park to see Jeff Lee?

Be careful out there. On the bike, one's life can change in an instant.

Best to Dee

Rich Fisher


So great to read your blog. We are certainly thinking about you. Ride on strong!

Bob o

Have a great ride. I'll be following you as you blog away into the sunset.

Sharmon Figenshaw

Hi Chuck, and Dee!
This is Peter Arneil and Sharmon Figenshaw. We both know (of) you, albeit from different aspects, over the years. We are both inspired by your journey and reading your blog aloud as we enjoy our summer together in BC waters from our boat.
Cheers to you, bravo to you and good-on-ya for such an undertaking. Shar is returning to Bellingham on the 22nd and will take care of a pledge. Maybe even see you at the store! (As a born-and-raised Tonasket resident, I could picture you taking the turn up to Wauconda from there!)
All the best, keep spirits up and the "cream" where it does its best!
Shar and Peter

Doug Cole

Hi Chuck,

Still enjoying your daily updates. Pretty quiet here on the 4th but still quite warm. Team Timmy rode part of Saturday with the Tandem Rally. Around 500 tandems of all sorts. Quite hazy today as a result of a wild fire above Agate Bay yesterday. Happy climbing today. Looking forward to reading Ivan's last book.


Doug Cole


Sounds like ND is treating you well. Being a Nodaker, Margie and each of her siblings worked at Medora each summer during their college years. You didn't mention attending "the Musical." Seems like that's a huge ND summer highlight and ranks right up with the weather as the main topic of conversation in NoDak.


Sandra Davison

Chuck, I just came across your blog. I am the good Samaritan and am so sorry you were not able to complete your trip via bike. My daughter just passed away at the age of 43 as well as her father. I was at her father's estate getting it ready for auction . I am glad I was blessed to assist you. Even though it was an unfortunate situation, I am so happy you can heal and your loved ones can hug you. I did not get that chance with my daughter. May you always have an angel watch over you. Sandra Davison

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