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Joan Airoldi

Montana is interminable--how many times are you crossing the distances of the states of New Hampshire or Rhode Island or most of the east coast for that matter? It is truly a mental as well as a physical journey. You must feel such a close connection with Ivan Doig and his wondrous sense of place, as you've mentioned. Highway 2 is so full of rich history and you are seeing it so intimately--in a way that those of us who breeze through in a closed car never will. Thanks for sharing the photos!
Had a chance to visit the urgent care in Cut Bank recently due to bringing along a hitchhiking deer tick from the woods of northern Wisconsin; one of the reasons we did not get to cross paths with you in Whitehorse, which I so regret. Wonderful care in Cut Bank and want to add a caution to check for critters who might be up for a bit of road travel too.
Your blog is delightful and yes, Montana will end... but what an inspirational and rich journey! Hugs and gratitude,

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